Success stories

For many of our young talents, a new job represents the first real step in their professional career. That all of our consultants have a rewarding, challenging and fun time with us, even after the recruitment process is over, is therefore one of our highest priorities.

So what do our former talents think about their time as a consultant at New Minds? On this page you can find a selection of some of their experiences!

Candidate Testimonials

Photo of Freddie Ogemark

Freddie Ogemark

Volvo Cars Corporation

"The people and the atmosphere I would probably say is the best thing about New Minds. It feels modern and they offer a nice environment to be in."

Photo of Mattias Karlsson

Mattias Karlsson

Ekan Management

"New Minds has good contact areas within many exciting companies that you want to be part of. I would never have found Ekan if it wasn't for New Minds."

Photo of Jonas Hultén

Jonas Hultén

Mentice AB

"New Minds has helped me in ways much more than to just get a foot into the job market. Thanks to them I have a job that I look forward going to, every day."

Photo of Johanna Torbjörnsson

Johanna Torbjörnsson

Knowit Systems Development AB

"I would highly recommend New Minds. The people who work there are super nice and very keen to find good assignments for their consultants."

Photo of Stefanus Bergenhem

Stefanus Bergenhem

Volvo Cars Corporation

"New Minds has been the start of my career. I work in an industry where I feel comfortable and have had the opportunity to familiarize myself with what it means to work as an engineer."

Photo of Christoffer Roth

Christoffer Roth

Devport AB

"New Minds is a company that I will always talk good about. If you want someone in the back who creates security, engages and matches your profile against the jobs you are looking for, New Minds is a fantastic alternative."


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