Movember at New Minds


We at New Minds find it extremely important to support and contribute to cancer research, in all its forms. During October, we had several activities around the Pink Band and the Breast Cancer Foundation and this month we draw our attention to the stack and pay attention to the research on prostate cancer and the Movember movement.

The idea for Movember came up in 2003 when two friends from Melbourne, Australia, organized an event where they let 30 men grow their mustaches for 30 days with the aim of raising awareness of prostate cancer. This group later started the Movember Foundation, which today is a global foundation and the trend to grow the mustache in November is today something to be seen all over the world. *

Prostate cancer occurs when some cells in the prostate are reproduced much faster than usual, leading to a tumor. If the prostate cancer is not treated, cancer cells can spread from the prostate and attack other parts of the body, especially the lymph nodes and the skeleton, and produce secondary tumors in a process called metastasis. **

We want to pay attention and contribute money to research against this horrible disease, which is why we have chosen to team up with Team New Minds in this year's Movember. Everyone can participate, either by uploading a photo of themselves with the associated mustache and receiving donations, or by donating money to other competing Mo-Bros!

Visit to create an account and submit your contribution!

Thank you for your dedication!


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