Academy kick-off 2018


After a fantastic trip to Croatia that gave the consultants knowledge and energy for the autumn challenges, the starting shot has gone for New Minds Academy 2018.

We at New Minds see the positive combination of benefit with pleasure, which is why we choose to start the year every summer with New Minds Academy outside Sweden's borders. This year the trip to the wonderful island of Hvar went! During the mornings we had training for the consultants focusing on preparation for their upcoming tasks and the afternoons consisted of activities, where kayaking became one of the highlights.

Emma is one of the consultants who participated in the trip and she has answered some questions what she liked about the trip and why she chose New Minds Academy as the first step out of working life.

Tell us a little about yourself, what you read at university and why?

- "I have been studying civil engineering at Chalmers with a base in software development and then focus on algorithms, AI and machine learning on the master. I like programming and the challenge of analyzing and finding patterns in what I do. It happens a lot in AI now, and I I want to be part of that development. In the service I received at CEVT through New Minds, I work in AI and innovation, which fits my goals perfectly. "

What was the highlight of the trip?

- "The highlight of the trip was the kayaking trip and getting to know everyone else who was there, it has become a lot of new friends and acquaintances."

What do you bring with you from the trip?

– "Above all, I bring with me all new acquaintances where I have built up a small network. Then I also take the lessons we got from the Scrum training, it kept high quality and gave very useful knowledge. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the training through New Minds was so well in line with how they want to work with Scrum at CEVT."

What made you choose New Minds Academy?

– "From the beginning I applied directly to the service itself and not to the academy. But when I heard about the academy I thought it sounded interesting with educational opportunities during the year and fun to start with a trip like this."

What do you expect to get out of your period in our Academy program?

– "Getting relevant training for my work and after this year to see if this service at CEVT has worked well for both them and me."

Is there any tip you can give to others who are thinking about our academic concept?

– "Hard to say after my first week, but tips for new graduates who don't know where or what they want to work with but who know what they're good at, it's a good idea to apply to New Minds Academy. New Minds can help with the navigation of employers and roles, so that you find an exciting entrance service after graduation."

What do you look forward to during your Academy period?

– "To meet the others who are part of New Minds Academy 2018 and hear how things are going for them at their workplaces, and maybe run some After Work given the wonderful atmosphere we had on the educational journey. I also look forward to the courses that come during the year, it will be exciting to see what they will be about and whether they will be as rewarding as the first course."


If you are more curious about what our Academy program looks like, you can visit our website or contact any of us at New Minds.

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