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This page describes how we process your personal information. Before we go into details, we would like to highlight some of the key principles behind our privacy policy. These principles are important to us because we know they are important to you.

The privacy policy has three purposes:

  1. Explain how we use the information you share with us so that we can build a great product and to give you a great experience with it;

  2. Ensure that you understand what information we collect with your permission and what we do - or do not do - with it;

  3. Hold us accountable for protecting your rights and your privacy under the policy.

All the information we collect is linked to the fact that we can offer you the best possible job offer.

We collect personal information from you as a candidate (for applications to new positions), for interviews, the website, mail or telephone calls. We will process your information by trying to match your profile with a suitable job. We have entered into several personal data access agreements and service agreements with service providers to give you the technical opportunity to apply for new positions on our website, so that we can search for the right candidate to match with the right role. In addition, we may contact you with other possible roles that might suit your profile. With your information we will analyze your skills and suitability for new positions to give you customized job offers that you may be interested in.

If you wish (and have time) you are welcome to read our privacy policy which is listed below. Otherwise, you can contact us if you have any specific questions!



New Professional Minds AB, org. no. 556990-8105, allows persons to apply for new jobs or to be matched with interesting, suitable jobs. To do this, we need to collect and process some personal data. This privacy policy explains how we collect and process your personal information when you use our service (the "Service"), at It also describes your rights to us and how you can assert your rights.

By using the Service, you agree to this Privacy Policy and that your personal information is collected and processed in the manner described in this policy. It is important that you read and understand this policy before using the Service.

This policy may sometimes need to be changed or updated, for example, if features are changed or added to the Service. In this case, you will be informed of this in the Service, or in any other appropriate way, to enable you to make a decision on the change before it becomes effective.


New Professional Minds is responsible for the personal data processed in the Service, in accordance with this policy. You can always expect your personal data to be processed in a safe and pleasant manner with us. You can contact us at any time if you have any questions about your personal information, by emailing us at or by calling us on 0702-57 60 24.


New Professional Minds collects different types of information about you when you use the Service. Our ultimate goal is to give you the opportunity to find a new exciting job that you enjoy. We make this possible in different ways. In order for us to match your profile with the right service, we need some information about you. You can also apply for different services yourself on our website.

Open vacancies / open applications. You need to provide your first and last name, telephone number, email and URL to any portfolio or other work that will prove your competence. You are also given the opportunity to upload a file with your resume, references or portfolio/hobby project. You control the content of your description yourself. Remember not to include sensitive personal information or other personal information that you do not wish to disclose.

Outreach recruitment. We are actively seeking for suitable candidates for the positions we call for. This is done, for example, through social media (for example Linkedin), tips from friends, teachers, classmates, colleagues and public records. We then contact potential candidates by phone, text message, or email to request interest in our services. 

When we contact you. When we contact you and if you are interested in joining our services, we will ask for the following information about you - education, technical competence, personal fitness, information about what you want to work with, information about where you want to work, what type of companies that you think would be interesting etc... We will also ask you to submit your resume and grades from relevant education as well as references. Once you have moved on to interview. In addition to the above mentioned information, we will also ask for deeper technical information, possibly technical tests, date of entry, and salary requirements.

When you are employed by us. In addition to the aforementioned information, we will also request all information required for employment contracts to be entered into, such as a tax table, account number, closest relatives, etc.

Device information. When you use the Service, device information is collected from your computer (or mobile device), such as IP address, language, browser, operating system and screen resolution, and the date and time of your visit to the Service. This information is collected using cookies.


Information you provide to us. Most of the information, for example, when applying for a job or agreeing to register with our candidate bank. It is optional to submit information in the Service. However, you must submit some information in order to use the Service. For example, when you register with the Service, you will need to provide your name, contact information and other information.


Your personal information is mainly used to provide, perform and improve the Service. New Professional Minds processes your personal information for the following purposes based on the following legal grounds:

To provide the Service. Your personal data will primarily be processed in order to provide you with the Service. For example, your personal information is used to link you to interesting jobs. Your personal information is also used to confirm your identity when you use the Service by, for example, submit a spontaneous application or apply for a advertised service, as well as unit information to secure.

To evaluate you as a candidate. If you register with a spontaneous application or a specific service advertised by us, your account details and qualifications will be used to evaluate your suitability for the service. In order to gain employment with New Professional Minds you must also be 18 years of age and be entitled to work in Sweden. This treatment is needed to determine whether you should be allowed to perform assignments through the Service and for other legitimate interests, including New Professional Mind's and the Client's interests, that you are suitable and qualified for the role.

To communicate with you. Your contact information (including e-mail and telephone number) may be used to communicate with you, for example about new assignments that suit you or / and other information about the Service. This is done to provide you with the Service and for other legitimate interests, including New Professional Mind's interests in mediating assignments through the Service.

To provide support. Your personal information may need to be used to investigate, respond to and resolve complaints and problems with the Service or an assignment. This is done in order to be able to provide you with the Service and for other legitimate interests, including New Professional Mind's interests in that the Service works flawlessly to be able to convey assignments to you.

To create aggregate statistics. Your personal data may be used to create statistics in aggregate form, where the data is not identifiable. Statistics can, for example, refer to recurring types of assignments as well as age distribution and geographical distribution. This is done with the support of legitimate interests, including New Professional Mind's interests in developing and improving the Service and its use.


Your personal data is only stored as long as the information is needed to fulfill the purpose of the processing. Unfortunately, it is not possible to specify in advance exactly how long this is for all tasks. Generally, your personal data is stored in the Service as long as you choose to be included in our candidate bank. Personal data processed on the basis of your consent will be deleted in the Service if you revoke your consent. Note that this does not affect New Professional Mind's right to process the data prior to the recall. However, your personal data may sometimes need to be stored for a longer period of time, if required to fulfill legal obligations. These obligations come, among other things, from accounting and tax legislation. If your information needs to be saved due to legal obligations, the information will only be used to fulfill those obligations and nothing else.


Your personal information may sometimes need to be transferred to or shared with others. For example, your personal information may be shared with: 

People who work with us. Your personal information will be shared with people who work at New Professional Minds, but only people who need access to them to do their jobs.

Partner companies. Parts of your personal information will be shared with customer companies who wish to offer you a contract. These will receive your CV and our assessment of your skills.

Suppliers and subcontractors. Your personal data may need to be transferred to or shared with selected companies that provide different types of services to us. These companies may only process your personal data according to instructions from us. For example, we will use a service provider for Recruitment-Management ("RM-Partner"). will have full access to the personal information you provide when using the Services. We will also use an external supplier for data storage ("Storage Partner"). Our Storage Partner is not authorized to use your personal information in any way.

Authorities. New Professional Minds may provide necessary information to authorities such as the Police, the Tax Agency or other authorities if we are required to do so by law or if you have agreed to do so.

Sales. New Professional Minds may share your personal information with a potential buyer of New Professional Minds business or assets. Of course, on the other hand, we will never sell your personal data separately to a third party, unless you have approved it.


New Professional Minds always strives to process your personal data in the EU / EEA. However, in some cases your personal data will need to be transferred to companies outside the EU / EEA. You should be aware that other rules may apply to your personal data outside the EU / EEA, which can sometimes result in poorer protection. However, New Professional Minds will ensure that all reasonable legal, technical and organizational measures are in place to ensure that your personal information is handled securely and with an adequate level of protection (eg Privacy Shield).


Like many others, New Professional Minds uses cookies and similar technologies in the Service to collect device information. You can read more about this in our cookie policy. You can check the settings of cookies in your browser settings.


It is your personal information. You therefore have the right to receive information about and influence how your personal data is processed by us. Here is a brief summary of your rights.

Right to prohibit data processing. You have the right to prohibit to your personal data being processed for legitimate interests. In that case, we must either investigate if there are justifiable reasons for the processing, in consideration to your interests, or end the processing. You can always contact us for more information about the investigation of personal interest that has been made.

Right to access and move your data. You can request a copy of your personal data at any time and information about how they have been collected, used, shared etc. The first copy is free. For additional copies we may charge a reasonable fee. You also have the right to transfer your personal data to another data controller.

Right to delete data. You have the right to request that your personal data be deleted if it is no longer necessary for the purpose for which the data was collected or if there is no legal basis for processing the data.

Right to correct incorrect information. You have the right to request that incorrect personal data be corrected. You also have the right to supplement incomplete personal information.

Right of restriction. You have the right to request a restriction of the processing of your personal data, until incorrect information has been rectified or an objection from you has been investigated.

You should be aware that there may be additional requirements or regulations that limit, or extend, your rights. For example, legal obligations may prevent us from disclosing or moving parts of your information, or from deleting your information immediately.


You have the right to contact and complain to the Data Inspectorate if you believe that your personal data has been handled incorrectly by us. Read more at

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