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Recruiting the best and most suitable young talents for your company is a challenge, we know! Many companies are competing for these gems, and a recruitment process can be complicated and expensive if you want to attract and evaluate the right individuals.

Our hypothesis is that fast growing and profitable companies are best managed when there is a balance between the company's resources, one of the most important resources is the human capital - the people!

New Minds work closely with the academic world and has a solid network of PhDs, professors and teachers at the largest universities and colleges in the country. This means that we continuously interact with competent engineers, software developers, testers and much more. Hence we have the ultimate network to recruit the best candidates.

With the help from our network we work hard to ensure that our customes find and employ the right individuals, and that they do this with minimal effort and at controlled risk.

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Why work with us? 

We recruit based on your specific requirements as employer, with regards to the individuals expected experiences as well as their academic background and personality.

Our team consists of both engineers and recruitment specialists which means that we possess the technical expertise required to understand your business, as well as the recruitment expertise necessary to make a professional assessment of candidates.

This methodology increases the candidates ability to succeed in your organization, since our primary selection is always based on their preferences, personalities, experiences and competences. this also ensures a long term successful relationship.

We minimize the risk for all parties through an open business model where  business relationships can be established or terminated under orderly forms without high costs.

By working with us, you get access to an efficient and quality-assuring process. We filter out the noise and give you a better picture, so that you can focus on your core business.




Our process start with establishing your recruitment needs. After initial contact we collaborate to design a requirement profile and order specification of candidates.


search and evaluation

With the help of our unique academic network, we find suitable candidates who are evaluated and presented to you for final interviews and decision.


Contract period

You hire the candidates you are interested in during an agreed period of time. The price for the candidate is agreed beforehand and reflects your stated starting salareies.



If the consulting period proceeds accordingly for all parties, you employ the candidate for an indefinite period, without any extra costs or fees to us.


Knowit Systems Development AB Logo

Knowit Systems Development AB

"New Minds helps us find new employees with high ambitions that are at the beginning of their careers. Our experience of the collaboration is that it is simple, straightforward as well as very nice and easy."

Martin Skarp


Mentice AB Logo

Mentice AB

“We have received a number of people from New Minds in recent years for our software development and we think the collaboration has worked great. New Minds is good at finding the right people for us. "

Henrik Storm


Volvo Car Corporation Logo

Volvo Car Corporation

"There is sense of Continuous-Improvement in the commitment New Minds has towards us. An endeavor to improve the candidates' ability to fulfill the assignments and thus also improve our productivity."

Cecilia Ekerstig

Group Manager, Active Safety & Autonomous Drive

WirelessCar Sweden AB Logo

WirelessCar Sweden AB

"New Minds offers expertise and support where we lack knowledge and time. They deliver what is promised - newly graduated talents to our specifications. Candidates who show hunger and drive to develop and work with us at WirelessCar!"

Zeynab Habib

Purchasing Manager

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