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Looking for new challenges?

Our passion is helping engineers within IT and tech reach their professional dreams.

With personal recruitment as our cornerstone we make this possible by matching experiences with challenges, interests with needs and personalities with company cultures.


Step 1 - Apply
The first step is to get in touch with us. For example, you can do this by submitting an open application. Thereafter we contact you for a short telephone interview.

Step 2 - Meet us
In the next step you are invited to an interview at our office with one of our consultant managers. We will discuss your experiences, areas of interests and above all – your dreams regarding your next profession.

Step 3 - Matching
After the interview we review your profile and discuss potential matches between your preferences and the needs at our partner companies. If you like what we propose we will proceed to the next steps.

Step 4 - Job interview
When we agree on a suitable match with a partner, we present you to this company. You will thereafter be invited for a job interview at the company’s office. 

Step 5 - Employment
If everything feels good for both you and our partner company, you will be employed as a consultant via New Minds. After the agreed timeperiod, the employment will be transferred to the partnercompany. Our engagement is long term with complete focus on you and your future employer.

Why New Minds?

With personal recruitment as our cornerstone, we at New Minds want to offer you new ways to find your dream job. Whether you want to work as a programmer, project manager, tester, web designer or something else, we at New Minds want to offer you an extraordinary recruitment experience.

With your interests as well as your qualifications in focus, we work together to find a job where you can develop and thrive in the long term. We take pride in really getting to know you and your ambitions before we in consultation with you, move on to the right company.

We support you through the entire recruitment process and will for example give you tips on how you can prepare yourself for the employment interviews. During the time you are employed as a consultant at New Minds we also organize many fun networking activities. Here you will have a great opportunity to expand your professional connections within New Minds large network of consultants and companies.

Since we are in a daily dialogue with our customers, we are able to update you on new positions and possibilities. If you are already in the middle of your career but looking for new challenges and ready for the next step, our door is alway open for you.

Seems interesting?

Please contact us by sending us an email or an open application and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward getting to know you!

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