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your career. 

We want to give you as a newly graduated engineer a kick-start to your career. By applying and qualifying for one of the programs within New Minds Academy, we give you the right tools to grow into your future dream role.

During the Academy's 12-month program, you will be formally employed by New Minds with an attractive salary package, while working within challenging commercial projects at your chosen company. Through a hands-on approach, we believe that you will strengthen your professional skills and grow both technically and socially.

After completing the Academy, our ambition is for you to have the tools needed to take the next step within your chosen company. In previous years, our academies have covered exciting areas such as Autonomous Drive, Cloud Development, Artificial Intelligence and Software Development in R&D.

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A connected and data driven world.

In this year's edition of New Minds Academy, we offer programs in various techniques, programming languages ​​and specializations. Our partner companies consist of both product companies and consulting companies, all to find the right match for you as a candidate.

If you are passionate about innovation, modern technology and want to work for some of Sweden's most attractive companies, then this is right for you!

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A concept for the future.

With New Minds Academy as a tool, we have succeeded in creating completely new conditions for both companies and talented engineers to develop their capabilities and secure their future competitiveness.

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The admission for New Minds Academy 2022 is in full progress. Apply today by contacting us or by submitting an open application. We look forward to getting to know you!

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