New Minds was founded in order to offer talented engineers a personal recruitment process  when finding their next employer. Our goal is to get to know your skills, areas of interest and personal preferences, in order to match these qualities with one of our many exciting partner companies.

We make people grow in their careers
and businesses grow with the right people.

We believe that you, in order to reach your professional dreams, need to formulate and concretize your goals, driving forces and what you actually value from an employer. In New Minds personal recruitment process, our main goal is to achieve exactly this.

Our ambition is for everyone that meets us on an interview will get something out of it, if not a job then maybe new ideas, tips for an interview or increased knowledge of the labor market and what career paths actually exist. We are a young company, but our ambition has turned out well. Since New Minds was founded, we have helped more than 300 engineers from universities across the country to find their next employer.

Our partner companies spand from small startups to global organizations with tens of thousands of employees. All with the common denominator of a need for professional help in finding and recruiting new competent employees.

our history


... there were three entrepreneurs with a strong common desire of making a difference. Fredrik, Nils and Fredrik had an idea of a new, unique recruitment company where personal qualities, interests and corporate culture would lift the recruitment process to a higher level. With background in both the consulting industry and the academic world, a big network of partners rapidly formed. Now there was only one thing missing for recruiting the right person to the right company– the young talents!

Our passion


… and with Chalmers' technical focus as the foundation of the company's management, we work with our passion. Our three founders paid early attention to the need for driven competence within IT and technology and over the years they built up a broad network of companies that share their passion. We believe that long-term relationships create an understanding of the companies' challenges and opportunities, and how our candidates' skills and interests can meet these.

New Minds today


… and today New Minds has formed a bridge between education and employment for many young engineers. We always interview a candidate during an initial introductory meeting before we proceed and propose a certain service at a particular company. After the interview, we start from individual preferences and talents when we work to match the profile with interesting companies in our network. We want our candidates to be able to develop in the long term, as well as person as well as in their professional role.

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